Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Running Up the Down Escalator

Not literally, not today at least. But yesterday I could have sworn that someone had put our entire life on one of those darn things, and it was definately going in the wrong direction.

It was a series of random, unrelated events that left my head whirling at the end of the day, searching for some meaning in a rather pointless day. 

Strangely, I actually did acomplish more than I thought I did. 
Despite the lawn mower dying on me - twice.  The second time it was for good.  
The whipper snipper wasn't so depressing, it just ran out of string but man I hate trying to refill those things.  
Gabriel's drawer periodically gets stuck and yesterday I wasn't taking any more of its I did the reasonable thing and kicked it until it fell apart and we could get at his clothes. "Thanks Mom!"

By the time Eliana got home and asked to play in the sprinkler, I didn't have much fight left in me so I thought, "Sure, why not".

It was actually pretty fun watching them scream and run around in the water....until they disappeared around the corner for 2 min too long.  When I went to investigate, I found my back porch covered in sunscreen and being used as inpromu ice rink.


Although I was defiantely frustrated at different points through the day yesterday, I noticed something that has changed in my own heart.  I was thankful.  I was thankful that these were the big problems of my day - fighting with machinery and cleaning up messes.  I was thankful that I have my husband to address these obvious 'blue' jobs that now need attending. Mostly I was and continue to be thankful that God is working in my heart and life and changing how I look at the my life.  It is SO easy to let seeds of discontent sneak in to our days  - I think especially in the mundane, dreary type problems that come our way.  My prayer is that God continues to grow a thankful heart in me, so that my eyes can see the beauty for the thorns.  Choose the fullness, instead of emptiness.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Thanksgiving Hunt...

I wish I could post a picture of my something more impressive than me struggling to see down the scope of Ed's 22 but it is where this story starts.
As I mentioned a few weeks ago I am trying to get my CORE course so that I can go bow hunting.  An unfortunate part of this training is that I have to learn not only gun safety but actually how to handle a gun - safely.  I would much prefer just learning a theoretical knowledge of gun safety but for some reason they expect me to touch them and stuff.  Ed has just been tickled pink by this because since we have been married he has wanted me to be ok shooting guns.  The bottom line is though I don't like guns.  This weekend I had to suck it all up because as Ed pointed out - I am not going to inspire any confidence in my ability if I am holding the gun with my finger tips during my practical exam.  I couldn't argue with that.

Ed, my dad and I went up a local back road and set up our own little shooting range.  Ed and Dad were sighting in their 30-6 and 303 (just in case anyone out there knows what that means).  All I know is that I NEVER want to shoot those things. They are loud and big and loud. Did I mention loud?  Anyway I got to shoot the .22 instead.  My biggest obstacle?  The scope.  Yup.  Did you know that those things are tricky little bast***s.  Took me a good ten minutes of squinting and trying each eye - trying both eyes - moving forward and back. Ugh.  I eventually figured it out but not before I felt like a 2 yr old trying to wink for the first time.

I did eventually end up shooting the gun and even hitting the target - although not on the little bird that Ed drew for me.  Just all around it like a ring of impending doom that never arrives.

So as we drove down the mountain I was feeling pretty good about myself.  I held a gun and although I sucked at shooting it, that's ok because I want to hunt with my bow. When we got back to home base Ed and I spotted a male pheasant.  With one look the hunt was on.  I grabbed my bow and strung it while Ed grabbed the arrows.  I passed my bow off (because I don't have my licence yet and didn't want to poach) and so began our Thanksgiving impromptu hunt.  It ended up looking more like two crazies running around a hedge always a couple steps behind a loud flapping and squawking bird but it was blast.  It was the inspiration I needed.  I will continue to learn about stupid guns so that one day I can shoot my very own thanksgiving pheasant  - with my bow.

Happy Thanksgiving All


Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hulk Yop and a New Blog

So with returning to the life of a stay at home mom I have decided to take on more projects than it is humanly possible to ever complete.  Sounds logical right!?
Anyway one of these 'projects' is a collaboration with some of my Brazilian Jiu Jitsu peeps.  We have created a blog that is trying to feature easy, healthy recipes that work for normal people.  I am going to throw a link onto my blog here but I thought I would share my latest installment here with all of you because every mom/parent should have one of these recipes up their sleeve!!

(Shawna this reminds me of your shrek smoothie - the one with the avocado...I think that was you right?)

Hulk Yop

I think with the name 'Hulk Yop' I am probably violating all sorts of trademarks but that was the magical nickname that tempted my kids into trying this green smoothie.

The inspiration and base of this smoothie is from Super Dave's Breakfast Energy Smoothie.

So here are the rough proportions - 

I first blend the spinach, banana and probably 1/2 c almond milk (I am sure you could substitute regular milk) - Blend really well!!!! No one likes little spinach leaves in their teeth.

Then add a scoop or two of protein powder and about 3 large spoonfuls of Greek yogurt

This time I also added some frozen peaches.  Strawberries work really well too.

Again puree that smoothie until it is, well - smooth!

Then enjoy!

I thought I would post picture evidence of my kids loving their  "Hulk Yop".  This has been a great discovery for me because my little guy generally will not touch any vegetables with a ten foot pole - and strangely enough the same seems to go for most fruits.  He has always been a meat and dairy sort of guy so finding a way to sneak even a small portion of veggies into his diet feels like a milestone achievement. lol

Monday, September 17, 2012

The Call of Robin Hood

The picture above is the long bow that I made this past year.  Kind of a random hobby to pick up on its own but this hobby has a history....

It all started when I was probably 5 or 6 - I watched Disney's Robin Hood.  You know, the one with the fox.  I was enamoured by this show right from the start and quickly Robin Hood became my hero. Dress up days, games and any other outlet I could find featured my hero.  

As I grew I didn't play Robin Hood anymore but I expanded my horizons and dove into books about King Aurthur and his Knights, The Musketeers and other swashbuckling adventurers. It was the stuff of daydreams and I just loved them.  I also got to spend my summers out at camp, and of course my favourite activity was archery.  I have never been amazing but I have always enjoyed this link to the the stories and characters I read about.

Fast forward to adulthood and I still read books about some of my favorite characters, still enjoyed doing a little archery when the opportunity arose but it wasn't until Ed read 'Hood' (by Stephen Lawhead - it is the best book on Robin Hood I have ever read!) that things really got going.  Ed totally got my mini obsession and instead of laughing at me dove right along with me. (Thank you Lord for soul mates!)  Soon Ed was suggesting we try to make our own didn't sound too difficult.(Ha!) We did all the research online and then bought the materials and the rest is history.

I might be the SLOWEST boyer in history - this bow literally took me 6 months.  Not because they take this long but because I kept getting scared it would break.  In the same time Ed made 4 wooden flat bows and then two fiberglass bows.  His last fiberglass bow was a work of art.  So beautiful.  It inspired me to just suck it up and finish my bow.  True to my Robin Hood inspiration I wanted to make an English Long bow.  Although design wise I cheated a little, (I backed it in bamboo) I succeeded in the end.  The bow is made of bamboo and red oak, is 6 1/2 ft tall and when you pull it back it has a draw weight of 35lbs. It is such a cool feeling shooting it and I am pretty proud of my accomplishment.

I am planning  to make another English Long Bow this winter and Ed has started his third fiberglass (a takedown recurve) bow.  Some how Ed has convinced me that it is a good idea to get my CORE course (pre hunting course) so that we can go hunting together one day.  I never would have thought I would ever do such think but here I am half way through the book and starting to get excited about my first hunting trip (probably next year).

Anyway I hope you have a beautifully random and messy day


Friday, September 14, 2012


Ok I know that domesticating is not really a word but I feel that it has sums up my last week and a bit.  I am sure that as time goes on the novelty of being at home again will wear off but in the mean time I have been busy baking up a storm, cleaning, organizing and generally embracing all things domestic.

Its so fun hanging out with my boy and picking up Eliana from the bus and hearing all about her day and actually feeling as though I have the energy to interact with them.

I got a chance to make Lemon Meringue Cupcakes this past week for my moms birthday and I loved them.  The cupcakes were awesome and filled with lemon curd put them over the top.  My  mom is not really into really sweet desserts so I used real meringue on top of the cupcakes instead of the 7 minute frosting the recipe calls for.  I found this recipe through Susi Kochen und Backen's Blog and if you want to give it a go click here

Although I don't have any photos  - I also got to make bread this week.  I used just white flour this time but my goal is to start using organic grains from a local farmer to start making bread for the family on a regular basis.  For those of you who know my husband probably know that he does not like bread.  The one exception to this rule is if it is homemade.  I don't know what it is but he gobbles it up. Anyway if I can find a recipe I am happy about I will definately be posting it. :)

Eventually I would like to use the same idea of using local grains to make homemade pasta.  I have made it before and its not that complicated.  Concidering the amount of pasta we can eat I think it would be one more way to phase out wheat (at least over processed wheat) and bring in more nutricious grains.

I found a neat resource today about grains so if it is something you are curious about check of this link to Recipe Tips here

Have a Beautifully Messy Day


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Read the Instructions!! (Adventure in Making Homemade Tapioca)

Man do I wish that I took a picture of my kitchen a mere half hour ago....

It all started with feeling ambitious this morning and itching to try something new in the kitchen - actually scrap that - this all started because of food network and shows like Master Chef that have filled my head with the crazy notion that my culinary genius is being hidden from the world  - and - I  - must - break - free!

To say the least I may have inadvertently concocted a primordial soup that, now that I released it down the drain, may spawn unknown horrors in the bowels of our dear little town.  Sorry all.

To get down to the facts let me share with you what I have learned about making homemade tapioca

1. Read the Instructions!!!  - When it says 1 cup to 3 cups of water DO IT.  If you happen to do what I did which was 1 BAG to 3 cups of water you may have to use every pot in your cupboard to contain the ever expanding mass.

2. Tapioca has NO flavour - Again, surprise, surprise - consumerism has failed me.  The tapioca that you get for a dollar is super yummy and is flavoured. Not so in the real world.  Its just goopy little translucent balls - So I dug out every bowl I had and made custard, from scratch.

3.  The Goop - Ok so as mentioned in #2 tapioca produces large amounts of goop.  Especially when you fail to follow the instructions.  In order to salvage the tapioca itself from all the goop I employed the following tools: goop sieve, tapioca scooper, tapioca spoon (to get it out of the scooper), goop catcher bowl, goop cloth, goop scrubby and goop spoon and scoop holder.  Despite my best efforts my kitchen was covered from one end to the other in goop.  It has since all gone down the drain...don't think Ed would be particularly pleased with that decision but lets hope it doesn't come back to haunt me.

4.  Buy Tapioca for a Dollar - Seriously, at the end of it all, it tastes virtually the same.  Well at least it will to my culinary audience of Ed and the kids.  IF Gordon Ramsey shows up at my house I would happily make it from scratch but I have a feeling he would just end up yelling at me anyway.

Stay tuned later this week I want to try Lemon Meringue Pie from scratch.  Should be fun - yellow goop!

Hope you are having a beautifully messy day


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

It's A New Fall...

Wow... It seems a life time ago when I was blogging regularly!  Last fall I returned to work and with that all my motivation to be on my computer when I came home abandoned me.  After a summer of fun and sunny days I am looking forward to this fall and being a stay at home mom again. Gabe and I get to hang out, while Eliana is super excited to start grade one.

We have enjoyed a beautiful season of rest and rejuvination and even though things are changing once again I am trying to let my heart be at peace and remember that 'God knows where we are going'.

We have listed our house and with that comes this emotional roller coaster that I am not entirely convinced I need to be on.  Every time I feel myself getting tense about the future and all the uncertainty I just keep reminding myself that God knows where he is taking us (or keeping us) and regardless of the future I need to live today. I am really good at getting in my head and living out the million alternate realities - trying to reason out the best situations and courses of action but that is so exhuasting. So I thought I woud try something new - just trusting.  With the little, with the big.

Ha! Sounds so beautifuly simple doesn't it.

Not a very illustrious first blog after months and months away but I just wanted to stretch my fingers a little and just start :)

Have a beautifully messy day,